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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Build a model ship

     Today was a quiet, uneventful day.  At this point in our lives that's not all bad.  There was a spot in Searsport, about five miles north, that I have always wanted to visit; but I knew that Durelle would not be interested.  It's a store that caters to the serious model ship builder.  So I spent an hour there before I went for some groceries.  It is like a maritime museum with large (two to three feet) models of dozens of classic sailing vessels.  There is the Constitution, the America, which started the America's cup, and several other classic ships, large and small.  If you want to build a Friendship sloop or a four-masted schooner, they have a kit for you.  The kits run from $250 to $500.  If you want a completed model, just add a zero.  And that does not include the display case.  For those who want to start from scratch they have all the tools, fittings, wood, and everything you need including advice.  Even if you are not a model builder, you have to appreciate the craftsmanship.
     There's a touch of fall in the air.  The overnight low was 47 degrees, but the day was sunny and pleasant. 
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