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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Seabasket

     Today was a special day with Estelle Anderson and her daughter, Karen.  They drove up from their campsite in Wells, and we drove down from Belfast.  Durelle and Estelle have been close since Estelle carried her into the house when Durelle came home from being born.  Estelle made our wedding cake and made a replica for our fiftieth anniversary.  In the picture of the three of them, they are looking at the wedding album.  We had a very pleasant visit.  We did not have lobster.  I had calimari and Durelle had scallops.  The Andersons had seafood as well.  What else would you do at the Seabasket?  I also bought a couple of frozen tubs of lobster stew for us and one for Jeri.  (Just add milk and warm up with a pat of butter on top.) 
     As we headed back to Belfast, I took a shot out the window at Red's Eats in Wiscasset and the line of folks waiting for one of his lobster rolls at the south end of the Wiscasset bridge. It's an iconic (but perhaps overrated spot).  The last picture is of a small homesite with some Christmas trees under cultivation.  It was a nice picture, but I should have taken it on the way down.  The light was much better.
     When we got back to the Moorings, guess what?  We had a lobster feed...very simple, lobsters, corn and potato chips.  Life is good.
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