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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Late Season Activities

The sands of time are moving through the hour glass until the leaves are in full color.  I took this picture on the 14th, but it didn't fit with any blog.  So I saved it for when I didn't have any pictures.  That's today.  The weather is cooling off.  How cool is it?  Well, we are down to one drink happy hours!  The overnight low was 43 degrees.  Today Durelle put a beef stew in the slow cooker, I did some reading and she played cards for a couple hours with Carole Andrews.  And, of course, we watched some football.  Army beat a weakened North Texas team, but these days we'll take any win we can get.  Our two kids' alma maters played today and Air Force put on a great show to lose by a field goal to top ranked Oklahoma.
     The stew was great and we are enjoying a cozy evening monitoring the traffic on Penobscot Bay and watching the Red Sox just in case.  In a surprise to everyone the campground is almost full and it is two weeks after Labor Day.  Last night seven of us went up to Papa J's for supper.  I had a half dozen Damariscotta oysters and a slab of wild caught Alaskan king salmon with cucumber-dill sauce!  It was a nice meal.
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