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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hail and Farewell

     This week has been a time for seasonal changes; not only the weather and amount of sunlight but also in the complement of campers.  Sunday the Roths left.  The first picture shows that event.  The second picture shows Bernie reaching for the door handle as the Dunns left today.  They both plan to return on 1 August next year.  Seven of us made our way up to Papa J's at the top of the hill last evening for a very nice going away supper.  The third picture captures the now relatively empty nature of the campground this morning.  It also shows the relationship between our bus and Penobscot Bay.  Of course the pups are still here and enjoying life.
     The departures are somewhat offset by the arrival of Arnie and Carol Brewer who used to be seasonal campers here and are starting their migration southward.  The Andrews will bring their rig down from Lincoln on Friday, and it will be good to see them again, too.  We have several more small trips planned.  The fall foliage photo ops will soon be upon us.  We are beginning to look into a trip to a Tiffin (the bus manufacturer) dealer in Auburn, Maine for a couple of relatively minor repairs.
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