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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Today we drove down to Lewiston, ME to have lunch with a couple of Durelle's cousins.  We rendezvoused with them and Mart (Durelle's brother) and Ann at the Gridiron Club in Lewiston.  Mart and Ann were heading from Lynn, MA to their campsite in Tamworth, NH.  We asked them to stop at the NH liquor store to replenish our supply which they were happy to do.  We had a nice lunch and a good visit.  Yesterday we made another trip up to the "Lookout" for a light meal and a heavy view.  The first two pictures are taken from the restaurant, and the last shows Ann, Mart and Durelle (left to right) at the Gridiron.  We got back to the Moorings just before four.  The post-Labor Day campground is starting to thin out.  Nonetheless, the stalwarts of the Dunns, the Roths, Jeri Johnson and we had a very pleasant happy hour discussing how we spent our days.  They found a spot that Durelle and I (and the Andrews) are going to have to visit.  Soon the flavor of the place will change completely.  We'll be here with few others.  Jeri will be here, but the others will have left.  I'm sure we will find some new things to do.  We hope to get some great pictures of the fall foliage before we head back.
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