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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Meal with a View

Today was a different sort of day at the Moorings.  The weather is strange.  We are all keeping one (or more) eyes on Hurricane Earl.  The air has been still and unusually warm.  I think the high today in Belfast was 98 degrees.  As a result, everyone has been staying inside with the A/C on...not our usual style.  Tonight we got together to visit a place called "The Summit".  It is a special event center about twenty miles south of here with an unequaled view.  It is not a restaurant, but they do serve an excellent assortment of "hors d'ouerves".  You can see from the pictures that the view is spectacular.  We got back to the Moorings and sat outside for another hour or so and watched an assortment of satellites, aircraft and meteors passing overhead.  We will continue to monitor Earl and evacuate if it makes sense.
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