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Friday, September 10, 2010


     Something new today.  One of the iconic spots in Maine is Morse's deli in Waldoboro.  According to Yankee Magazine, two of the four classic places to eat in Maine are in Waldoboro.  The other is Moody's Diner.  Our little group has been planning a trip to Morse's for a couple of years.  We tried last year only to arrive and find that it is closed on Wednesdays!  Today we were successful.  The place has been in business for almost a century (1918).  It started out with classic, old school sauerkraut and has been supplying great quantities ever since.  Now their small facility is a really exceptional deli and a small restaurant that seats about twenty in booths.  As you can imagine, we (Cloutiers, Dunns, Roths and Jeri) focused on schnitzel, sausage, Reubens, red cabbage, pickles and kraut.  We also partook of their astounding deli.  Our upcoming happy hours will have some nice goodies.
     From there we continued south on 220 to route 1 and headed north to Rockland and Dorman's ice cream stand.  A number of our crew have serious withdrawal symptoms in the absence of Dorman's ice cream.  After that fix, we continued north via the back road to Camden.  Along the way we enjoyed the views of many handsome homes, a field of belted Galloway cattle and an almost hidden path to the Curtis Island lighthouse in the Camden harbor.  We took the short walk to the viewing point for the lighthouse and took some nice pictures.  Speaking of pictures; there is one of the crew, less the photographer, in front of Morse's, one of Bernie relishing a Dorman's banana split, and a shot of the lighthouse.  When we got back, we fed and walked the dogs and adjourned to the Dunn's rig for an indoor happy hour.  It is starting to get cool.  All in all, it was a very pleasant day.
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