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Friday, September 3, 2010

Hurricane (?) Earl

Greetings from the Maine coast!  A great deal of time today was spent monitoring the status of hurricane Earl.  Over the past couple of days we all examined possible inland sites where we might go should it be necessary.  Fortunately the storm has weakened and moved eastward, so we are staying put.  We did, however, pull in all the awnings, store the lawn furniture and bring our hanging plants inside.  As a matter of fact, we made a trip for lunch to the Bagaduce diner.  This picture has shown up on earlier blogs, but it's worth showing again.  The second picture shows the reversing falls.  The tide is coming in from left to right while the Bagaduce river is moving strongly from right to left.  The result is the turmoil shown in the picture.  The third picture shows that the girls were having entirely too much fun. Lunch consisted of lobster rolls, crab rolls, and haddock sandwiches along with the lightest, most delicate onion rings you have ever had.  The last shot was taken of a monster mushroom we found back at the campground.  There is a large oak leaf in the picture to give you some sense of scale  Perhaps there is a reader out there who can identify it.
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