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Monday, September 27, 2010

Life on the edge

     Sunday was another new experience. South of us on the coast between Lincolnville Beach and Camden is a high end inn called "The Inn at Ocean's Edge" or the Edge for short.  Separate from the inn is a restaurant that is reached by a hundred yard walk through the woods downhill toward the shore.  On Sundays they set up for gourmet pizza.  They have a large, wood-fired brick oven.  The format is like some Brazilian barbeque (churrasco) restaurants.  They will bring food to your table as long as you want them to.  The night we were there they had about eight different varieties.  As a pizza came out of the oven, the waitress came around offering slices to whomever wanted one.  There was a Margherita pizza, then a pepperoni, then lobster and garlic bread, then a chili and cheese.  There was a broccoli, bread crumbs and parmesan pizza, followed by a BLT pizza, and an antipasto pizza.  There was a family style Caesar salad to augment the pizza.  There were five of us.  The Branns drove home from the Edge so as to go to work Monday.  Jeri and the Cloutiers drove back to the Moorings.  It is a place that we plan to visit again next year when the weather will permit us to dine on the deck.

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