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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Another lobster and a good Samaritan story

     Yesterday a couple arrived with a new motorhome and an English mastiff.  They were having some difficulty getting backed into the spot in front of us, so Bernie Dunn went over to help.  When he came back, Bernie said to me, "You may have to help.  His Jeep is at the top of the hill with a 'locked up transmission'."  So I intercepted him as he walked up the hill and offered to help.  He said, "Can you help me push it in the ocean?'  It was a brand new Jeep with15! miles on the odometer.  They had towed it from Philly with an equally new motorhome.  After finding nothing wrong with anything in the drive train, but finding no lights, I went down to get my Jeep and jumper cables.  Lo and behold the lights worked , the engine started, and the A/C started blowing air.  He had made two mistakes.  The ignition switch was one click too far clockwise enabling the accessories.  Secondly, he had left the A/C on.  With no engine the compressor wasn't turning, but the electric fan was; and it was more than enough to drain the battery.  After he got the the Jeep parked, Bernie loaned him a trickle charger.  He said, "Are you going to fix me supper, too?"  He was most appreciative.  It turns out that he is a neurologist.  Tonight, as the group was enjoying a post lobster happy hour, he and his wife came over, offered their thanks again, and gave Bernie and I EACH a $100 gift certificate for Papa J's the campground restaurant.
     OK, time for some pictures.  Last night was almost a full moon.  The moon has a nice reflection in Penobscot Bay, but the picture doesn't do justice to the sky.
     Today the campground put on their Labor Day lobster feed.  It included the traditional menu of steamers, lobster, corn, and blueberry pie.  Although it had cleared up by meal time, the day was pretty wet.  So Jim decided to do it in his restaurant.  44 people signed up.  Below are three candid shots taken inside the restaurant.
     After supper we adjourned down the hill for our usual convivial evening gathering.  Paul Poythress, a Belfast summer resident who has camped here with us before, joined the festivities.  The temperatures confirm what the calendar declares...summer is ending.
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