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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Last Hurrah in Maine for 2012

     Tomorrow morning, the 10th of September, we'll leave Maine for a three week stay in Brookline, NH.  Dick Roth graciously arranged one last lobster feed for the four couples that are still here: the Floods, Branns, Roths and us.  As you have learned by now, the menu is spare and unadorned, namely: lobsters, corn, a few chips, and blueberry pie a la mode. After some dreary days recently and some strong winds last night, Mother Nature was on her best behavior for today's festivities.  Check out the sunset shown below.
     Dick and I went over to Walt Wagner's place and picked up eight hard shelled lobsters at $3.50 per pound!!  We also each got a dozen eggs fresh out of the nest this morning.  The next picture shows Dick popping two of the critters into the pot.  Sorry about cutting your head off, Dick, but I was focusing on the lobsters.
     Here's the table as we were sitting down to supper.
     At some point in our postprandial discussions, someone said,"Look at the sky!"  As the recent weather cleared out of the area, the setting sun illuminated the remnants and reminded us what a wonderful place and congenial lifestyle this is.  I took advantage of the light to get a picture of Dick and Eleanor Roth in front of their Monaco.  We have camped with them for nearly a decade, and they have been "full-timers" for eighteen years!
     As the sun descended, I took a couple more pictures of a very colorful sky.  It was a most pleasant send-off.  The next shot shows our Allegro Bus in front of a beautiful sky.
     The final shot was taken from our front step as the sun disappeared.
     So, tomorrow we leave Maine with more heart-warming memories, and to quote a fellow alum,"I shall return."
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