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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Smokey Bones in Nashua, NH

     We only have two days to find that classic fall foliage picture.  Yesterday's steady rain has ceased, but it is still too cloudy for really good foliage shots.  Last night there were eight of us at a popular local spot for supper.
     Here is the girl's table with Durelle, Heather, and Carolyn, Brielle's Mom. It was too difficult to get a flash picture of two adjoining tables, so I took a separate picture of the guys.
     This, of course, is Mark (with a Coke!) and our two grandsons, Kevin and David.  Clowning in the background is great granddaughter Brielle  who has never seen a camera she didn't love.
     This afternoon I'll be doing some last minute grocery shopping and returning a favor to neighbor Janice who helped with my car troubles a few days ago.  She'll be packing up her rig which has been in place for the summer.  Keep in touch.
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