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Friday, September 28, 2012

Supper at the Mile Away

     Last evening we met our barbecuing friends, Tim and Wendy Boucher for supper at the Mile Away in Milford, NH.  This restaurant, nicely situated in an old New England farm, has been one of our favorite restaurants in the area for over thirty years.  See Mile Away .  The farm was built in 1746 and was turned into a restaurant in 1967 by a couple of folks from Switzerland.  Ownership changed hands thirty years later, but it still retains a largely European and mostly Bavarian flavor with a couple of traditional  Yankee accents.  For example, my dessert was pumpkin bread pudding.  It's the sort of place where you can order roast duck and be sure that it won't be over-glazed or over-done, and I did.  Veal and schnitzel entrees are good choices as well.
     I didn't use the camera yesterday, so there are no pictures to fit the narrative.  Nonetheless, all prose and no pixels makes Frank a dull boy, so here is one of Baxter with a few of his friends.
          It rained steadily all day, but we'll venture out tonight to meet a large portion of the clan at Smokey Bones for supper.  We head south on Monday.

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