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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


     It has been a relatively quiet time here in Brookline, NH.  Yesterday we visited my sister, Marian, in Royalston, MA.  Their magnificent log home is still a work in progress.  They can live in it, but it is not finished.  It has electricity, water and sewer.  The views are magnificent and the creature activity is heart-warming.  The family of gray foxes that shows up every evening is particularly entertaining.  There is still a lot to do, but when finished, the place will be awesome.  A couple of pictures show the extent of the home.  I didn't take any outside pictures as it was raining, but the first shows the wonderful 12 inch logs.
     The wood stove installation is also classic.

      They have been expending their sweat equity on this place for eight years.  We all look forward to completion.
     Today Durelle had lunch at Nashua Country Club with all of her old buddies.  Thanks, Cricia.  We had  a rainy evening with some gusty winds, but today everything cleared out.  The clouds today are the classic alto-cirrus "mare's tail" clouds that presage good weather for the next couple of days.
     As we sat outside with snacks and a drink, Durelle and Baxter communicated.
     Tomorrow we travel to Ponemah Green so that Durelle and Brielle can use the driving range.
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