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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Post Labor Day

     It is remarkable how the pace changes after Labor Day in Maine. An eight billion dollar annual tourism trade drops off to nearly nothing.  Nonetheless, we have had a surprising number of "drop-ins" to the campground with the resulting turnover in happy hour attendance.  We have noticed that the new arrivals are from Maine.  It is as if they waited for the tourists to leave so that they could find access to the good spots.  From now until spring the tourists will largely consist of leaf peepers, skiers and snowmobilers.  In keeping with the quieter flavor even the weather has turned cooler and foggy.  In 48 hours we'll be on our way to Brookline, NH, but there are tentative plans to make one more attack on the lobster population tomorrow.
     The following pair of pictures perhaps should have been a part of the previous post, but I am including here a couple of shots of the the Dunn's departure.  The first is a picture of the back of their U Haul trailer.  We're told that the heavy rains on Cape Cod soaked the contents of the trailer.  Apparently the trip home was an ignominious end to an otherwise fine summer.
     The next picture shows the old Monaco departing the Moorings for the last time...unless, of course, the new owners venture back here.
     Even when there is little or nothing going on, there is still Penobscot Bay to entertain us.
     You can be sure that we'll be back next summer.  The writing of this post was interrupted by saying Good-bye to Rick and Judy Feyler as they head back to Owls Head until next summer.  The fat lady is warming up her vocal cords.
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