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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Driving Range

     As advertised, this afternoon we went to the driving range at Ponemah Green in Amherst, NH to hit some golf balls with great granddaughter, Brielle and her mother Carolyn.  They are both taking beginner's lessons.  I think that golf is the least intuitive game known to man.  One wag described the game as,"attempting to hit a small sphere into a hole in a large sphere with instruments ill-suited to the task." at any rate, they are learning.
     This is Brielle approaching her battle with the golf balls.  Here's a shot of one of her swings.
     WAY down the list of my capabilities is being a golf pro, but I tried to help a little.  I think my suggestion to Carolyn may have helped.
     Of course there was the old standby pounding out solid drives, although even she could keep her left arm straighter on the take-away.
     It was great fun for folks many generations apart to be participating in the same game.  On the way back to the campground we saw enough turning leaves to reassure us that there will be some good photo-ops before we leave on the first.

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