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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Premature Leaf Peeping

     Yesterday we decided to take a drive north to Henniker, NH to look for fall colors and take pictures of their famous covered bridge.  The 2003 Jeep is part of this story, so let me say that I already had an appointment for this morning at the Jeep dealership where I bought it to deal with the fact that I couldn't keep it idling until after it was well warmed up.  I assumed that there was an oxygen sensor or some other such sensor which was giving the computer false information.  As a result I have had to be very judicious in getting it started by using a lot of left foot brake and right foot throttle.  Once I'm running, it is OK but I was glad to have the appointment.
     At any rate, I was able to take a couple of early season fall foliage shots.  You will notice that only the so-called swamp maples close to the water have turned.
     Later we drove up to the center of Henniker, NH, the home of New England College.  Just west of the center there is a parking area which allows access to excellent views of their covered bridge.
     The classic fall colors had not arrived, but I took a couple of shots anyway.

     A couple of weeks from now that particular shot would be calendar art as the leaves will be red and yellow and will be reflected in the river.  (Un)fortunately we won't be there.  The overnight low in Nashua last night was 39 degrees and Pepperell, MA was 34!  The next shot is the same bridge in more of a close-up.
     Just a few yards downstream from the bridge is a classic old swimmin' hole.  Note the stair steps on the tree leaning over the river and becoming a diving platform.
     When it came time to leave Henniker, the car would not start.  This time there wasn't enough battery to turn it over.  I called the Good Sam emergency roadside service, and they sent a truck from Concord which arrived over an hour and a half later.  It was an hour's drive back south with every stop sign being an adventure of left brake and right gas.  I could NOT afford a stall.  The initial plan was to drive directly to the dealer and leave it for the next day's already scheduled appointment.  We had arranged for grandson, Kevin, to meet us there and bring us back to the bus.  Then we decided that I would drop Durelle and the dog off at the bus on the way to the Jeep dealer.  Unfortunately, during that stop, the car stalled.  By then it was 1900.  A fellow camper, Thanks, Janice, gave me another jump start with her truck AND followed me on the twenty mile drive to Nashua.  It was with some trepidation that I turned on the lights as the battery was hanging on by its fingernails.  Again there were some precarious traffic situations, but I got it there without stalling, and Janice drove me back home.  You recall from a few posts ago that Bernie Dunn and I had provided similar help to another camper, so I didn't feel too guilty about accepting the favor.  I think it is a part of the culture of this RVing community.
     Some of the Boucher's wonderful leftover brisket made for a convenient and enjoyable (if belated) supper.  As I post this, I am waiting to hear from the Jeep dealership.
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