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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another search for fall foliage

     Today we returned to our old stompin' grounds in the Athol/Orange area.  About a mile and a half north of Route 2A on Wheeler Avenue in Orange is the classic old Johnson Farm.  They have re-invented themselves as a restaurant and gift shop specializing in traditional fare, wonderful attitude and some atypical  farm animals.  They also make a lot of maple syrup.  Below is a picture of a trailer with a pile of sap buckets waiting for spring.
      The farm has a number of interesting animals; there is a sturdy donkey and an even sturdier ox.

     One of the reasons for the trip was to have lunch with Linda Cain.  Her husband, Bill, was the best man at our wedding 52 years ago.  Bill passed last fall.  After we left the restaurant, we stopped by the Quabbin Nursing Home to visit Hilda Hastings, a close friend of Durelle's parents, who will be 100 in March.
     On the way back to Brookline we took 202 north to 101A and east to Milford.  We stopped in Peterborough to take a few foliage shots and to walk the dog.
         We also swung by 15 Tamarack Court in Milford to take a picture of the place we lived while our house was being built on the Nashua River from '89 to '90.
     Tomorrow we'll meet Tim and Wendy Boucher for supper at the Mile Away restaurant in Milfiord.
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