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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wandering Around Nashua, NH

     Today I spent a couple of hours wandering around in search of photo ops and getting some last minute groceries.  The first such opportunity was a former railroad station for the town of Brookline where we are staying.  I drive by it every morning to get Durelle her morning paper and had always planned to take a picture.  Today I did.  It has been turned into a comfortable home, but it still sports the station name and the railroad semaphore tower.
     The next stop was in Hollis (est. 1746) to see if there were some alpaca shots.  They are cuter than a basket of bunnies and produce some wonderful wool.
     Here's a close-up of one of the youngsters.
     And, of course, kids and animals are always a safe fallback for a photographer,
     Later, I drove by our penultimate house.  It was supposed to have been our last house when we had it built in 1990, but we sold it in 2004 (timing is everything) and moved to SC.  It is a wonderful, rambling place on the Nashua River with many original and attractive features.
     As you can see, it certainly had room to park a motorhome or four.
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