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Friday, June 29, 2012

21 Brix

      Auslese or Eiswein (ice wine) is a German wine that is a result of very special handling.  After the harvest is over and the temperatures have dropped below freezing, the grapes which have not been picked freeze and the sugar is greatly concentrated.  They are hand picked and carefully handled.  The result is a very high sugar and therefore high alcohol content.  They make a very sweet dessert wine.  Unfortunately, they were sold out (at $39 per bottle).
     Brix is a term in the wine business for the sugar content.  21 is very sweet.  This is one of the newer wineries in the area with a wonderful tasting area and gift shop.  Not all of the wines were sweet, although those made with Concord grapes or cherries certainly were.  Even Durelle got into the act.
     Needless to say, we bought a few bottles, and disposed of a half of one at happy hour.  It is nice to be kicking back and relaxing  again.
     They say that 40,000 acres here are under cultivation with grapes.  As we drive around, it seems as if half of the countryside consists of grape vines.  It would be easy to spend a summer here.
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