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Sunday, June 10, 2012


I guess you could say that this place rocks.  Today we left Cedar City, UT about 1030 with a full tank of gas in the Jeep.  The round trip took 200 miles.  So much for a non-driving day.  To get to Bryce National Park from Cedar City, you must proceed east for about 40 miles on UT-14.  Last fall a massive landslide wiped out about a third of a mile of UT-14.  No one was killed, but they are still repairing the damage.  There are ten miles of 6 to 8% grade. It is about 80 miles from Cedar City to the entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park.  As you might expect, I took a lot of pictures.  It is difficult to decide which ones to use.  

          This is a "Natural Bridge" picture.

     This, of course, is Durelle and the pup.  Anyone who has spent some time peering through a viewfinder knows that the early morning and late evening light provides the warm and gentle light that makes for memorable photos.  Today, of course, we were in the canyon during the middle of the day when the light is harsh and the colors are washed out.  Nonetheless, I hope that these shots provide some enjoyment.
     Perhaps one of the best views on the eighteen mile drive is at Inspiration Point.

     When we got back to the campground, we were treated to a view of a guy and his golden doodle.  No big deal you say?  We all know golden doodles...Hi, Ginger, but this one rides on the back of his owner's Harley.

     I'm told he does the same thing on a jet ski.  He even has his own you tube video at  
     Sunday we'll try Zion; it's not as far away from Cedar City.

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