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Monday, June 25, 2012

Westfield, New York

     As promised, here is a sunset picture from the east end of Lake Erie.  Today was 290 miles.  Our re-planned stop yesterday added fifty miles.  Nonetheless, we arrived by two.  This is a very pleasant KOA right on the eastern tip of the lake.  There was quite a bit of construction on I-90, but it didn't slow us down too much.  Our set up today included several items that do not come in to play on our one-night-stands...chairs, canopies, outside carpet, etc.
     One of the first items on the agenda was defrosting the refrigerator/freezer.  It has been a month since we hit the road; ice has been building up; and the freezer temperature has started to climb.  Tonight we basically crashed.  Tomorrow Durelle plans a bunch of wash, and I get to clean off a few days of bugs from the front of the bus.  Supper was a surprising success: shrimp and angel hair with olive oil, garlic, onion, clam juice, lemon juice, white wine and a touch of Tabasco.
     We have just begun to peruse the brochures.  The area has dozens of vineyards.  We plan to visit a few.  If any of you readers have any great suggestions for the area, let us know. Meanwhile here's the picture as the sun disappeared.
     I waited for a while as the sun did its thing.  It was cool out there.  It was the most comfortable I've been since we left SC.  For such a massive body of water there was no visible boat traffic and no water fowl.  For 150 degrees of azimuth the horizon was the surface of the lake.  The wind was right in my face as if it were emanating from the sun itself.  Given the height of the waves, the lack of whitecaps was surprising.  They only appeared as the waves met their demise on the shore.

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