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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Terre Haute, IN

     A couple of days ago, brother-in-law, Mart, took me to task for driving too far and for too long in a day.  He's right.  From USAFA to the east end of Lake Erie is 1530 miles.  Interestingly, in 1963 the first leg (Biloxi, MS to Athol, MA) of our move from Mississippi to Alaska  was exactly the same length.  That time I drove the entire leg non-stop, AND the kids were two years and three weeks old! This time we broke that distance into five days of driving and four one-night-stands.  The two remaining days will be well under 300 miles.  The past three have been I-70 across the prairie, so the miles accumulate without too much trouble...even at 60 mph.  Nonetheless, I do find myself getting a "flat spot" as we approach our destination.  And I am, indeed, looking forward to parking the bus for ten days of checking local vineyards and taking sunset pictures across Lake Erie.
     I'm sure that, if I were properly motivated (but I'm not), I could find some photos for tonight's blog.  There are some cute donkeys that Baxter would like to meet.  But, I'm going to crash and beg your indulgence until we get back to a more rational schedule.
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