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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Zion National Park

     Today we drove south and east from Cedar City to Zion National Park.  Yesterday we spent the day peering over the edge and looking down at the scenery.  In Zion the opposite is true. the views were all upward.  Plus there is a tunnel that is over a mile long.  As you might guess, the picture below is taken of checkerboard mesa.
     There is at least half of Zion that can only be seen by using their shuttle buses, and since you can't take dogs on the shuttles, we did not see all of the park.  We did see some impressive views, and since the views were continuous as we drove, I enjoyed it more than Bryce.  There was also some wildlife.  Below is the north end of a southbound Rocky Mountain sheep.  I hope ewe enjoy it.
          To be fair to her, here's one from her better side.
     The "Watchman", of which Durelle now has a cross stitch, is the landmark at the southern entrance to the park.
     In some places the layered colors are reminiscent of the Grand Canyon.
     It surely is nice to not need the AC.  Our overnight low was 35 degrees!...after triple digit Vegas, it is wonderful.
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