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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Elk Steaks

     Tuesday was a most pleasant day.  After an early lunch, the four of us climbed into the Jeep and drove south to the small town of De Beque, CO.  

This is where Tom and Carol Mackey lived before moving to the metropolis of Parachute.  A couple of miles out of town is the 416 acres that once comprised the Mackey Ranch.
     While both of the Mackeys were a bit nostalgic for the ancient wooden corral that stood here until recently, you can still sense the serenity the pervades the area.  Below is a shot of the two of them.
     We then returned to their current place "in town".  Next is a shot of the bus taken in their driveway with a view to the south.  When Carol said that we were welcome to park in their driveway, I was skeptical because we have been burned before by well-intentioned folks who don't realize how big a forty foot bus really is. But, driveways and most everything else are bigger out here, so we had no problem.
     Also parked in their yard is Tom's 1947 (!) John Deere tractor.
     The highlight of the day, however, was the gathering of some of their combined families for the grilling of some marinated elk steaks.  I was pressed into service to do the grilling.  As you can see, there were a few burgers for the less adventuresome among us.
     We topped off the day sitting outside in a pleasant Colorado evening enjoying some "Cloutier Specials".  These are pleasant, but deceptive, after-dinner drinks that were conjured up by Louis and Raoul Cloutier many years ago.  Combine one part each of vodka, orange juice, and apricot brandy.  Add a half a part of grenadine, add ice, stir and pour.
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