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Friday, June 22, 2012

Columbia, Missouri

     The past two days, as well as the next two, are not likely to generate any frame-able pictures nor any deathless prose.  I mean, what can you say about I-70 across Kansas?  It did give a simile that I look forward to using, "He's sharper than an I-70 turn in Kansas".  Actually, in Kansas City there was a 45 MPH turn, but that was very atypical.  While I was checking in the receptionist (owner I think), she was dealing with an Alabama caller.  Since Missouri is now in the SEC, Alabama is coming to town.  She is sold out, as are most of the hotels/motels.  I told her to expect a bunch of Tiffin products.
     This is a nice campground about three miles north of I-70.  There are chimineas at every site with firewood inside.  If it cools off enough, we may try it out.
     This is the Cottonwood RV Park.  It is one I would stop at again.  There was a small conflagration/bevy/flock of Airstreams that convened here as well.
     Tomorrow is Terre Haute. 
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