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Monday, June 4, 2012

We meet Melissa and Illia at the Monte Carlo

     Tonight was a pleasant supper for seventeen at the buffet at the Monte Carlo hotel and casino. In addition to the bride and groom, there were the groom's family plus some of Melissa's and other friends.  In order to coordinate the group, the buffet seemed like the best option, and it worked out just fine.  
     As many of you know, Las Vegas is a larger than life place.  As one of the Aussies said,"This place ought to be illegal."  It is clear that everyone is thoroughly enjoying themselves and each other.  Tomorrow the women will be having a batchelorette party with limousine, supper and the Chippendales.  The men will be doing the same sort of thing at a different venue.  I guess it is the definitive proof of our age in that we have decided not to join them for that part of the festivities.
     Is that a good looking couple having a great time or what?
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