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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Parachute, CO

     Monday was a long one...about 375 miles.  We didn't get away until nine because we slept until eight.  We have an alarm clock (somewhere).  The first 70 miles were north on I-15 until we hit I-70 east.  The 250 miles or so across southeastern Utah on I-70 was interesting and impressive.  The elevation varied +/- 3500 feet, so the mileage suffered.  As a matter of fact, I spent quite a bit of time managing the transmission and the engine brake.  In spite of the grades one sees a lot of triple tandem trailers here...mostly Fedex, but others as well.  We once saw four of them in a row.  To give you a feel of the dramatic, but desolate, remoteness consider the stretch from Salina, UT to Green River, UT, it is 105 miles, and there are absolutely NO services between the two towns...nary a gas pump nor taco stand.  Imagine such a situation anywhere east of the Mississippi.
     Tonight we stopped in Parachute (perhaps I can find out the origin of that name) at the home of Carol and Tom Mackey.  Carol's and my fathers were brothers.  We parked in their yard, set up the bus, and visited.  The pizza was good, too.
     It was not a day for pictures, but I'll have some tomorrow.  Monday was a unique day in that zero cash was fuel, no eating out, not even a camping fee.  Such days are rare.
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