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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Russell, Kansas

   So, here we are in Russell, KS.  We got away at 0810, but finding our way to route 24 in Payton, CO took a we stopped to fuel up in Monument, CO before we left.  I still have 3/4 of a tank in Russell, KS.  I-70 through eastern CO and western KS is just what you would imagine...wheat, barley, oats, alfalfa, and corn as far as the eye can see.  What might surprise you is the number of "donkey engines" still pumping oil out of the ground.  We stopped at a spot in Russell, KS...the childhood home of Bob Dole AND Arlen Specter.  
     It is a kind of a Honkey Tonk sort of place with a miniature golf layout occupied by a couple of out of place reindeer.
     Last night we spent a very nice evening with Buzz and Brita Glenn.  We met at Ted's (Turner) Montana Grill for bison burgers and, in my case, braised short ribs.  (What is it with me and long, slow cooking?).
     Today was 358 miles, and tomorrow will be about the same.  The difference is that it will take us five minutes to get onto I-70 instead of over two hours.  We are facing three more one-night-stands until we squat for ten days on the eastern end of Lake Erie.
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