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Friday, June 8, 2012

Cedar City, Utah

     I only have a couple of modest pictures tonight, so you'll have to settle for my Churchillian prose.  We left Las Vegas (Nellis AFB) at 1000 PST.  We only had a three hour drive north on I-15 to Cedar City.  I am growing to like three hour days.  Cedar City is about an hour and a half from Bryce Canyon National Park and under an hour to Zion National Park.  Tomorrow we'll have a go at Bryce Canyon.
     The drive north out of Vegas was pure desert.  Then we cut across 29 miles of the northwest corner of Arizona.  Arizona was much more dramatic than the featureless Nevada.  Then I-15 plowed on into Utah.  The countryside became much more  photogenic.  The ten mile traverse through the Virgin River Gorge was very dramatic.  Unfortunately I had not set Durelle up to take some windshield pictures,
     We climbed to more than a mile high which hammered our mileage.  Cedar City is over a mile high.  We stopped in a classic KOA with cabins and tent sites, too.  The good news after spending a lot of three digit temperature time in Vegas is that the overnight low tonight is projected to be 56 and tomorrow will be 38!!  
     You can see from the picture that we are parked in the mountains.  The next shot shows our rig with Durelle and Baxter enjoying our first opportunity to sit outside in the evening in a long time.
     With any luck tomorrow's pictures should include some nice pictures from Bryce Canyon.
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