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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gabriel's Restaurant

     Another no-picture post...sorry 'bout 'dat.   Tonight we went with the Catalfamos north a half hour or so to Selida, CO to a fine restaurant featuring Northern Italian fare.  When ever I think of Northern Italian, I think of osso bucco.  Fundamentally, it consists of braised veal shanks over risotto. Northern Italian cuisine uses brown and cheese sauces with rarely a sign of the tomatoes that are so dominant in the classic Italian kitchen.  The entre was accompanied by appetizer, soup, and salad.  I chose smoked salmon, gazpacho, and ceasar salad ahead of the osso bucco.  Laura Catalfamo, a fine Italian cook in her own right, informed me that osso bucco means melt in your mouth.  It really did.  In most cases chunks of leg bones are relegated to soup, so it is impressive when they are turned into a succulent main dish.  By the way, there was tomato in the gazpacho.
     Tomorrow we'll stock up at the commissary and get packed up to head for a ten day stay at Lake Erie.  Supper will probably be bison burgers at a Ted Turner restaurant with the Glenns in Colorado Springs.
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